Donald Benza

Donny graduated with a Masters in electrical engineering in 2016. He assisted in developing a method for in vivo imaging of chemical and physical sensors on implanted medical devices. The method utilizes a low power x-ray, nanoparticles, an x-y linear stage and photodetectors to create a 2-d image of the sensors through tissue. The sensors are able to detect localized bacterial growths as well as local stress patterns on the implant surfaces. Donald has interests beyond medical imaging which include but are not limited to 3d-printing, artificial organs, and neurobiology.

Melissa Rogalski

Melissa graduated with her Bachelor's degree in chemistry, with a minor in Physics, from Kutztown University. Her doctoral research was done at Clemson University in Dr. Anker's laboratory. She passed her defense,titled "Development of Position-Dependent Luminescent Sensors: Spectral Rulers and Chemical Sensing Through Tissue," in May 2016.

KhanhVan Nguyen

KhanhVan Nguyen graduated with her PhD in Chemistry in December, 2015. The title of her dissertation was "Tracking Anisotropic Optical Tracers to Study Biophysical Processes and Cytotoxicity."

Fenglin Wang

Fenglin Wang graduated with her PhD in Chemistry in May, 2015. The title of her dissertation was "pH Sensing and Imaging with Nanoparticles and Implantable Films"

Hongyu Chen

Hongyu Chen was born in Wuhan in 1985, P.R. China. He studied chemistry at Wuhan University and performed his diploma thesis in 2009 on ‘‘Synthesis and Characterization of novel ionic liquids based on amino acids’’. From 2009 to 2013, he conducted his doctoral studies in Dr Anker’s group focusing on the use of multifunctional (luminescent, magnetic, stimuliresponsive) nanomaterials for chemical sensing, drug delivery and release, and MRI contrast agents. Hongyu graduated with his PhD in chemistry in May 2013. The title of his dissertation was "Multifunctional Nanophosphors for Tissue Imaging and Drug Delivery."